• Формат: Книга
  • Автор:Woodruff Jettie
  • Автор(ы):Woodruff Jettie
  • Жанр:Любовные романы
  • ISBN: -
  • Издательство:
  • Серия: не указана
  • Год:2015


  • I thought losing my memory was the worst thing in the world. Forgetting who you are, and where you came from was like driving on a road with only right turns. All leading in the same direction. A direction I wanted to avoid, a dark tunnel that I had to enter if I ever wanted answers. Losing my memory wasn’t the worst thing in the world. Learning, who I was, and the secrets I had kept was way worse. The unbearable pull and the passion we shared, mixed with the past that I didn’t want to remember, created a whole new storm. The perfect storm of two kinds of crazy. Stupid little fish.