A Double Barrelled Detective Story

  • Формат: Книга
  • Автор:Марк Твен
  • Автор(ы):Марк Твен
  • Жанр:Классическая проза
  • ISBN: -
  • Издательство: Public Domain
  • Серия: не указана


  • A Double Barreled Detective Story is a short story/novelette. The story is a delightful spoof of the mystery genre, then in its infancy, introducing the reader to Sherlock Holmes as he has never been seen before or since. Far from his usual elegant London haunts, the great detective is caught up in a melodramatic murder mystery of love, betrayal, and vengeance in a rough California mining town.
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    Марк Твен
    A Double Barrelled Detective Story
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